Live Streaming
(OTT-2nd Screen)


Why Live Streaming?



Connect with your audience in real time with a

dependable, high-quality experience. Our live streaming

service provides the latest technology to offer complete

compatibility, quick delivery, and control to any device.

This simple management system will automatically

capture valuable analytics including usage, viewers, and

locations to understand your audience.

Streaming live sports has grown in popularity over the

past few years. Qplex Online Broadcast Service allows

you to bring a worldwide audience to your sporting event.


Integrated Media & Broadcast Solutions Architecture
(Media Assets Processes in support of Live Streaming)



Local ingest points in every region make it easy to upload live and video-on-demand (VOD) content wherever you are.

With integrated Cloud Storage Services and the world’s
largest private Content Delivery Network (CDN),

your content is available as soon as you need

it to be.

We provide flexible ingest options including
satellite downlinks, and file formats HTTP, HTTPS,

and MP4. Automated replication to cloud-based storage in multiple locations ensures content is backed up and positioned near users.


Direct integration with the Limelight network,
the world’s largest private CDN, gives you
access to a powerful, globally distributed
network of thousands of servers interconnected
with most of the world’s leading ISPs.

Intelligent software at the edge determines the requesting device so we can deliver video
content in the right format.

Protect your content with a variety of Cloud Security Services available at global scale, including SSL, URL tokenization, and geo-fencing.

API Integration

Our solution for Media and Broadcasters connects your existing workflow components to the functionality that you need with powerful APIs.

Keep existing processes while leveraging the power, scale, and capacity of our cloud-based services (like transcoding and delivery).

We have the integration ability, documentation, and sample code to get everything up and running as quickly as possible.


Turn content into the format that’s

needed on the fly. Automatic

transcoding or transmuxing to the

correct user device format for

HLS, HDS (Adobe), MSS (Microsoft),

and MPEG-Dash is provided for

video on demand and Live video

streaming. No more need to

pre-transcode for multiple devices.

Even publish VOD before it’s done transcoding.

Playback and Analytics

Through our highly scalable infrastructure,

your viewers enjoy the highest-quality

content that their devices and

bandwidth can support.

Off-the-shelf third-party players

supporting RTMP and HTTP playback

enable quick time-to-market for your content. Integrated analytics (both at the edge and

within the player) offer powerful insight

into their behavior
— what they are watching, when, where,
and on what device.