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Games Planning and Management Portal

Our Centralized IGMSS Web portal enables events organizers to plan and manage all scheduled tasks related to the Games deliverables.

For example the management of arriving contingent is managaed through our integrated registration modules that is linked with the arrival & departure modules, accomodation modules, etcs

Sports Entry & Qualifications Management (SEQM)

At high level elite competitions such as SEA Games, Asean Para Games, Asian Games, Asian Para Games, Olympics and any ISF World championships, the athletes sports registration for events is set against qualifying entry criteria (MQS).

Our SEQ module enables organizers the flexibility to configure and set sports entry compliance seamlessly and to be able to effectively manage the data (cost-effectively).

Accreditation Management

Our Accreditation Management systems comprises of Accreditation matrix configuration and assignment to respective registration Games Families based on their rights. The module is integrated through our e-registration module.

Accreditation module also incorporates the management, bulk printing & sessions printing of Accreditation Identification Card (AIC) on-site and off-sites

HR & Workforce

The HR & Workforce Management solutions will able to accommodate complex scheduling, time and attendance management, logistics, uniform management, etcs of the Games Family.

Competition Schedule

Our competition schedules management systems automate the process of creating and maintaining the Games events schedule.

The systems also automate the scheduling of the Games events schedules based on contingent team event registration submission.

Para Sports Classification

Para Sports athlete sports class classification management is being managed since the onset of contingent team athletes management based on their Sports Class ID assigned by the World Para Sports Federation Classifiers.

Our Classification Management modules is integrated with Medical Encounter module and SEQ module including the TSR-OVR systems

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